Reiki For Horses

touch of home

I started practicing Reiki in October 2010, Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese healing system using life force (universal/spiritual) energy. Rei means spirit, ki means energy. I go to Reiki shares and student Reiki classes monthly taught by my Reiki Master Teacher, Gabriella Cairo. She is a great teacher and dedicated to her students. She goes above and beyond most Reiki Master Teachers.

I started practicing Reiki because 1) I was ‘drawn’ to learn 2) I wanted to heal animals 3) it doesn’t matter what your education background or spiritual (religious) beliefs are and 4) everyone and everything is life force energy

My Reiki class went to Julie and Victor Calleja horse ranch in El Cajon (pronunded L-Kuhone), California February 2013, we liked it so much we decided to make this a monthly class as well. So on the third weekend of every month we go to Julie and…

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