Horse Reiki at Mystic View Morgan Ranch

I am drawn more to animal Reiki than Reiki for people. I have always connected with animals and now I have the opportunity to use horse Reiki. I am so grateful to Julie and Victor for letting us practice at their Morgan Ranch!

touch of home

I told you that I would take pictures at this horse Reiki session. And I did, 121 of them. Reiki (Ray-key) is a Japanese system of promoting healing (physically & emotionally) using universal energy-life force energy.I will not share all of photos here, but give you a photo view of our horse Reiki session.

My Reiki teacher’s group went for our monthly student Animal Reiki outing at the Mystic View Morgan Ranch on 4/20/13.  After our Reiki session, we get to ride one of their 12 horses. They also have 6 dogs, chickens, and two pygmy goats.  Usually the same group of people, give or take a person.

Our assignment for today was to scan the horse’s chakras. Feel if there was any blockage that needed work or needed opening up. (Your hands will be drawn to the area that needs Reiki). We each picked a horse and went…

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