In Loving Memory of Rachael Paddock 7/12/13

Rachael Paddock

Rachael Paddock

My mission in life is to inspire, energize and heal those I touch, to connect with others metaphysically and intuitively, and to know and love myself.

Rachael Paddock left this earth July 12, 2013. She battled cancer for two years and recently accepted it was her time to move on with her journey. She is an intuitive healer, massage therapist and surrounded by by a variety of healers, such as Reiki practiononers. So I kept asking myself , “why did she not heal”? (She was told she had 6 months for her type of cancer).

Rachael started a group called Lightworkers Galore at her home with only a few women. There is also a blog you are invited to visit about our past meetings. Lightworkers Galore is held now at the Om Spiritual Center in La Mesa, CA. (We are currently getting a larger place.) I had the honor of meeting Rachael and attending this weekly group October 2012 and still attend. I learned so much from this group, many guest speakers on anything and everything metaphysical. Rachael attended the last several meetings by Skype.

Jim Brown’s radio show with Rachael Paddock as a caller, about half-way into the show. The title of the show I Believe in God. Click here to listen, very inspiring. She touched many people with this radio call!

Rachael’s message to everyone is to love yourself, no matter what trials or troubles are in your life.

Back to the question, why do some people suffer and leave this earth early? I received a letter with a prayer rug with a picture of Jesus Christ. He suffered and died for his message. As did Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others. So why do peaceful loving people leave us early? I do not have the answer. I do believe there is an important  message they have brought to enrich our lives and to teach us an important lesson! And it may not be obvious at first. But meditate on their life and you will see it!

Cover of "The Celestine Prophecy: An Adve...

I recently read a book, Celestine Prophecy, which says always look for the silver lining in any event, whether good or bad. It also said, everything happens for a reason, my motto as well. So we have to look at the message and all the lives that were touched by these special people.

We don’t have to understand everything, but know that it is for the highest good.

As I prayed for Rachael and her grieving friends and family, I decided to write a letter to her. Writing is a great way to let your feelings out, whether you are upset, confused or mourning.

My letter to Rachael:

To Rachael,

I sit here and ponder why good people such as yourself leave this earth early. What is the meaning? Everything happens for a reason. You gave a lot of meaning to many people’s lives like myself. Lightworkers Galore is a true blessing in my life. And there are many other people in your life I have not met, such as Mac. I am thankful for all the emails (from Mac) and seeing you via video at the meetings. Your life meant a lot to many people! And continues to grow! It was an honor to meet you and know you! I love you!

                                                                                                                           Love, Paula

Death is really the great healer. We are escorted into this world at birth. We learn our lessons here, face our challenges, and when it is time to continue our journey, Death comes to accompany us to our next destination, and like the cycles of the year, we continue our path.Cindi Dale


3 comments on “In Loving Memory of Rachael Paddock 7/12/13

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  2. Rachael worked unbelievable miracles on myself and my family. We don’t know what we will do without her special gifts when the need arises. Rachael was nothing short of amazing. Go bless her her soul.

    • You, we all, are blessed to have known her. I knew her 9 short months. I think of her all the time. I put the gems from her memorial in my Lexi’s bed, golden retriever, when I put her to sleep last Sept. My Lexi left this world with a smile on her face. 🙂

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