My Newest Opportunity

Flower Essence Enery-Restore Harmony and Balance to Body, Mind and Spirit. If you know of anyone who is connected to Hospice of Santa Cruz County that might benefit from this wonderful service please call me at 831-335-7979.

HelliboreIt is always amazing to me the gifts from the Universe that come my way when I stop pursuing and simply allow my life to flow.  I am excited to tell you about my latest opportunity to share my passion for flowers.  With the wonderful experience of flowers imprinted in my brain as a child returns, I become as joy filled, and excited as my 5 year old self playing in my neighbor’s garden whenever I am connected to flowers.  Now a days its just flowers, whether in my garden, talking about them, making flower essences or blending aromatherapy that make me a happy girl.

Camelia My newest opportunity with flowers  is being selected by Hospice of Santa Cruz County to provide free  aromatherapy consultations for their patients.  I will drive to the patient’s home and help them select a Flower Essence Energy Spray and…

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