Profundities from the Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & AHONU-8/4/13

aa-portraitAkashic Records, also known as the Book of Life, is equated to the universe’s super computer. Central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived on earth-past lives included. Contains every thought, deed, word, feeling and intent in the history of the world; as well as the history of the cosmos written in the very fabric of all existence; and potential future. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether”.

Aingeal Rose is not channeling when she gets Profundities, but gets them directly from Source. They are answers to people’s questions. You can call in and listen or join live on computer to ask your questions about anything, nothing personal. Get the answers to life’s big questions and more! Ahonu is from Ireland and the one who is saying the Profundundities on you tube. I love listening to his accent! Click here for free access.

I found these two Profundities particularly interesting, as they did not to seem to fit with the others. But no less helpful! I am a huge animal lover and use only natural products in my home.

  • Dish soap combined with lemon juice and lavender is great to remove fleas from animals.
  • Add ginger to lemon juice and lavender for general cleaning/clearing of your home.
  • We don’t have the right to kill anyone or anything.
  • We are not the judges of another person’s soul.
  • Once you take someone’s life you are karmically tied to them until there is forgiveness.
  • Nostradamus was a philosopher, mathematician and researcher with experience in down-stepping universal knowledge.
  • Nostradamus spent many lifetimes prophesying but not all was pertinent to each time period.
  • The moon was used as a relay station by extraterrestrial civilizations.
  • The moon was used for experimentation in the past and contains remnants of advanced technologies.
  • Many archaeological discoveries are suppressed that contain knowledge of ETs.
  • Morality is inherent in us and is separate from dogma.
  • Morality is an inbuilt natural code of ethics.
  • The interbreeding of alien races with humans still contained the spiritual life force energy necessary to build souls.

There are many more to read.

On the July 28, 2013 Profundities, the question was asked, “why can’t I manifest?” I have trouble manifesting money, so this was very helpful to me and I am sure many of you have the same problem manifesting, a variety of things. The answer from Source by Aingeal is the more something means to you, the longer it may take. It depends on your feeling of deserving it. Some people having timing attached to it. It may be a safeguard to your soul, may not be for your highest good, i.e. relationships, house, money, job. It may take you off your path. Continue visualizing.

AHONU & his wife Aingeal Rose are twin flames, (literally the other half of our soul), authors, visionary artists, speakers, radio hosts and spiritual teachers. I met them at a Lightworkers Galore meeting, a weekly metaphysical group held in La Mesa at the Om Center. They now live in San Diego county.

They have combined over 50 years of Metaphysical and Psychic experience throughout the United States and Ireland, are Master Tarot Teachers, an authority on the Akashic Records and hold certifications in Psychic Laser Therapy, Kathara Healing, Soul Retrieval, Reiki and Cellular Re-Patterning. Together they founded Holistic Ireland, the World of Empowerment Organization the Spirit of Love Project the 8-Steps-to-Freedom program and Honest to God Series.

You can listen to last Sunday’s profundities on their YouTube Channel and while there, please subscribe to their channel – they need 100 subscribers to help rank better with YouTube.

~ or ~ If you’d prefer to read the profundities from last Sunday’s session you can read them online here.


Aingeal Rose Website:
AHONU Spirit of Love Project:
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A Time of Change:
Holistic Ireland:
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World of Empowerment:


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