Profundities from the Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & AHONU-8/18/13

aa-portraitAkashic Records, also known as the Book of Life, is equated to the universe’s super computer. Central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived on earth-past lives included. Contains every thought, deed, word, feeling and intent in the history of the world; as well as the history of the cosmos written in the very fabric of all existence; and potential future. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether”.

Aingeal Rose is not channeling when she gets Profundities, but gets them directly from Source. They are answers to people’s questions. You can call in and listen or join live on computer to ask your questions about anything, nothing personal. Get the answers to life’s big questions and more! Ahonu is from Ireland and the one who is saying the Profundundities on you tube. I love listening to his accent! Click here for free access.

AHONU & his wife Aingeal Rose are twin flames, (literally the other half of our soul), authors, visionary artists, speakers, radio hosts and spiritual teachers. I met them at a Lightworkers Galore meeting, a weekly metaphysical group held in La Mesa at the Om Center. They now live in San Diego county.

They have combined over 50 years of Metaphysical and Psychic experience throughout the United States and Ireland, are Master Tarot Teachers, an authority on the Akashic Records and hold certifications in Psychic Laser Therapy, Kathara Healing, Soul Retrieval, Reiki and Cellular Re-Patterning. Together they founded HolisticIreland, the World of Empowerment Organization the Spirit of Love Project the 8-Steps-to-Freedom program and Honest to God Series.

Never before-heard answers about Archangels, Cloning, Cryogenics, Diseases, Dreams, Governments, Homosexuality, Human Body, Upheavals, Virus’s and more! So, if you need answers to these big questions, look no further – go to to participate free.

Ever asked yourself ‘who am I?’ or ‘why am I here’? Ever wanted to know was Jesus married, what is Karma, do plants or animals have souls, do ETs exist, are spirits perfect, are we in end-times, do we choose our parents, is suicide forgiven? This series answers all these questions and thousands more.

Note: Source is also known as Divine Source, God, Creator, Great Spirit, your higher power or what ever you call this energy.

Profundities from the Akashic Records Online Group Session 18th August 2013

  1. Earth changes and political unrest is a result of a cosmic process of change.
  2. Upheaval catalyzes change on every level and for all species.
  3. Upheaval brings our unhealed issues to the fore for cleansing.
  4. There will be another play for domination and control shortly by the negative agenda.
  5. Governments are gearing up again to suppress the human potential.
  6. Some governments want to work in harmony with the Earth but currently find themselves in opposition.
  7. True cleansing is followed by peace and harmony.
  8. Streams of peace from deep in the cosmos are affecting all planetary bodies and species.
  9. Some chemical constituents in plants help with bridging the physical and the spiritual.
  10. DMT is produced in the lower back of the brain.
  11. The human body itself is a giant ascension factory.
  12. Source never leaves us unattended.
  13. EMFs interfere with our subtle bodies and add stress to our immune system.
  14. Following the rhythm of Nature provides great healing potential for us.
  15. There is no judgment in Source about anything.
  16. Sometimes homosexuality occurs as a result of trauma in one’s life.
  17. Homosexuality can be an attempt on a vibrational level to marry male and female energies inside the body and to return to androgyny.
  18. Homosexuality can be an attempt to complete unfulfilled past life desires.
  19. Sexuality today is very distorted in both heterosexuals and homosexuals.
  20. Science will make some headway with cyber-human technology but it desecrates the Divinity within the human being.
  21. Source desires the Divinity inside each of us to stay intact and not be artificialized by technology.
  22. The evolution of the human is to bridge the gap between Source and us.
  23. Viruses are part of the law of attraction and are the result of chemical reactions.
  24. Viruses can produce heat in the human to help heal and clean the body.
  25. Natural Viruses are harmless to the human that has a strong immune system.
  26. Man-made viruses have been developed for destructive purposes.
  27. Many diseases are being stirred up by Earth changes.
  28. Knowing a person’s soul history can help with understanding their diseases.
  29. Morgellons disease is real because anything the human mind perceives is real on some level.
  30. Some cryogenetically frozen bodies will be able to recover and live in a new time period as the technology advances.
  31. Some cryogenetically frozen bodies will not be biologically compatible in their new environment.
  32. We are all the All That Is, not a part of it.
  33. Observing your own thoughts, centering yourself, yoga, diet, breathing, meditating etc. all help us reconnect to Source.
  34. As we progress towards light bodies, we will drop the need and desire to consume.
  35. Cloned food products do not carry the same nutrition or life force energy.
  36. Cloning your own biology for use in repairing a part of your own body can be beneficial.
  37. Knowledge is kept from us only by our own perceptual filters.
  38. We are unlimited in our capacity to receive information and knowledge.
  39. The brain can adjust itself biologically, electronically and spiritually to be limitless in its capacity.
  40. If everyone suddenly decided to stop believing in the world, then it would no longer be here.
  41. Archangels are sent on missions by Source for specific purposes.
  42. Archangels were not created for our personal use – we have our own Guardian Angels for that.
  43. Historically there have been times when Archangels have been sent to help with Earth’s evolvement.
  44. We need to focus on our relationship with our own Guardian Angel.
  45. The thought forms of the mass consciousness have incredible power that can and do, create beings.
  46. Dreams help regenerate and rebalance us.
  47. Colors are more pure in the dream state.
  48. The soul is not a being; it is an accumulation of victories and a measure of mastery. Our true being is made of spirit.


Aingeal Rose & AHONU
P.S. The growing collection of archives is here.

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