Today, let’s be grateful.

Many of us, me included until lately, focus on our lack, instead of what we HAVE. There is a saying, at least you have your health, but most don’t take comfort in that. Well, what if you didn’t have your health? How would that effect your life now? It is not really to be taken lightly. When I have to walk, I am grateful I have legs to walk with. When I listen to music, I am grateful I have ears to listen. When I see a beautiful sunset, I am grateful I have eyes to see. When I walk along the beach, I am grateful I can feel the sand beneath my feet. When I eat a shrimp quesadilla, I am glad I can taste every mouth watering ingredient.

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“Just for today, be grateful” is the centerpiece of Usui Founder’s Five Reiki Principles (aka Precepts, Ideals). Are you grateful today?

Would you be grateful if:

* You owned a small, ancient, secondhand car that was lucky to make a 30-mile round trip, and prayed for its wellbeing daily, since you know you could never afford to replace it?

* You’d been laid off in 2006 and had never had regular work, much less a job, since, yet were still confronted by the usual mountain of monthly bills?

* You lived in a tiny, rickety cottage with peeling paint on the outside and moldy walls on the inside?

* Your few appliances were decrepit beyond belief: a stove with two functional burners and no functional oven; a non-functioning clothes dryer, forcing you to dry clothes on wooden racks; a single, small, pitiful window air conditioner to cool and dehumidify the…

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