At the end of the day ……

Another day, another beautiful sunrise.

It Is What It Is

At the end of the day ......

Every morning we wake up from sleep. Opening our eyes to a brand new day …. hopeful that it will be a good one. Gather all muster to attack, in good faith, what the tasks are for the day at hand.

Get up, say goodbye to our comfy bed and start getting ready. Every day holds different promises, advances and completion of what has been scheduled. Some projects will be completed, others partially started and still others placed on hold.

Tomorrow will be such a day … and not a fun day because the weekend is over. No more play for five days in a row (for some …. not for retired folks like me).

However, as the day winds down, so do we ….. we calm down, chill. relax and recharge.
Some read, others watch TV and others may review the events of the day that is ending.


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