Guided Meditation App for Insomnia

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Source: itunes

Sleep Help by HealthJourneys, resources for mind, body, and spirit; is an itune app you can download for $11.99. This audio program has been found effective for insomnia, nightmares, difficulty falling asleep, interrupted sleep and for help with napping.

Steve Kohn’s exquisite, calming music draws mind, body and spirit down into deep, restful sleep.

The app takes a small amount bandwidth, comes with a sleep timer which turns the player off after an interval of your choosing, has a wake up assistant that will rouse you by playing 30 seconds of either music or beeping (and, unlike an actual alarm clock, it will not keep hounding you after those 30 seconds are over).

This app has exceptional sound quality and is designed as a smooth, clean, fast Apple style player, where you can scroll, touch and gain immediate access to the segments you want.

Source: Health Journeys


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