Nelson Mandela 1918 – 2013

Let’s please honor his memory and legacy of peace today, tomorrow and years to come! Teach our children to be tolerant, patient and respectful. 🙂 I am thankful for Nelson Mandela, he was and is a great man.


Nelson Mandela, our father has died.

The man who believed in full equality for all, for everyone everywhere … One of the most remarkable human beings of all time

By Melanie Nathan, Dec 05 , 2013.

Our beloved Madiba, Nelson Mandela, has just died. With deep sadness we extend our condolences to Madiba’s family and all of South Africa. As much as we hoped this day would never come it has. Our hope is that Madiba rests in peace and that South Africa remains at peace.

At 95, we could not have hoped for much longer a life on this earth, and as prepared as we were,  we still need him. And we always will. Even though his political days were well behind him, his presence prevailed as a beacon of continued hope for a country that still suffers on so many levels.  There will never be another Nelson…

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