Cosmic Times: Embracing Experiences of Separation

I met Ellen Kaufman Dosick and her husband, Rabbi Wayne Dosick, PhD, at one of my metaphysical group meetings, Lightworkers Galore. Ellen has been practicing social work, and doing psychotherapy for over 35 years. In 1989, she experienced for herself the seed process that would eventually grow into Soul Memory Discovery work, and in 1990-1991, was able to learn this process from the Master Teacher, Roni Reynolds.

Ellen is a highly acclaimed international teacher who has led seminars, workshops, and retreats in a wide variety of settings. She is a frequent guest on SpiritTalk Live! an internet radio show on, and was featured in a segment on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Do you often find yourself trying to understand the larger picture?

Are you aware of patterns in your world and do you want to know what they mean?

The Cosmic Times is a bi-monthly, 5 to 8 page channeled newsletter, filled with detailed information about what is happening energetically in our Cosmos, and how we can best support the emerging Consciousness within ourselves, and our world.

This channeled information about our world has been coming on a regular basis, since 1994. Many people have been growing and expanding their Conscious awareness about themselves, Earth’s and Humankind’s evolution, and the Divine, for over 17 years now, through reading these Cosmic Times .

The messages are beautiful, uplifting, inspiring, and absolutely fascinating and enlightening.

WaveSphereOur washing machine finally took its last spin around and died. So I went to the washing machine store and found the simplest, least expensive one in stock, and thought to myself that this could not have been easier — 25 minutes from death to resurrection — when the whole deal suddenly crumbled away over impossible delivery dates and times. Then I had to get plane tickets for Texas for next August. I will lose rewards points on December 31st, and so went to the rewards website, and found we can get tickets for a very reasonable number of points. It was so incredibly easy — the tickets were booked — until the whole deal fell apart because no one in the ticket-booking department can use their computers to view the rewards website.

Is this happening for you too?? Over and over again, we seem to be getting a taste of how gentle and flowing and harmonious life can be as we open to the ease and grace of 5-D — only to be peremptorily cast back into the teeth of 3-D, and harshly reminded that we are not there quite yet.

It’s nice to have glimpses, and I really appreciate them. And life feels very convoluted and even tricky right now. What you see is not what you get, at this stage of the game.

We can imagine that this might be because things get complicated and unclear as 3-D gives way to 5-D; or maybe that even as we run toward 5-D we are having a hard time letting go of 3-D; or….

And all of that may be. But I think there is also a message here for us. 5-D, or Fifth Dimensional Consciousness, is Oneness Consciousness. And Oneness is Oneness. There is no Other in Oneness. If there is, it is no longer Oneness. (We can now all start singing, “We’ll all go together, when we go …” In unison please.)

As we grow toward 5-D, and become more and more aware that nothing is really outside of the Divine — that indeed, there is simply the One God in infinite expression — then in this growing Consciousness of our Oneness, we become aware that right now, we Humans are currently experiencing the full continuum of experience from the greatest 3-D density to the highest 5-D holiness. And because we are becoming more Conscious of the Oneness, we get to live, to be, to be aware of, this full gamut of experience — from the greatest separation to the most awesome union. All of it is in our faces.

And the question is Why?

All those who are still experiencing separation (and that’s every one of us!) are having the experience of being the Other, being outside of the Divine. I think that every time a separation experience is in our face, we are being given the opportunity to open our hearts, hold out our hands, and lovingly embrace that separation experience right into Oneness. The more we are faced with separation experiences, the more opportunities we have to heal the separation and expand Oneness.

As we gratefully put 2013 to bed, let us walk into this New Year as though we truly are walking into a New World — with open hearts and warm embracing arms, inviting all those outside, right into the center, with our great Love.

I wish you a 2014 filled with Love and Blessing!


Source: Cosmic Times


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