Polar cold calls for Reiki.

Reiki is not only for people, but can heal animals, fish, trees, plants, flowers and you can even send Reiki to your food to get the best nutritional value. The 5 Reiki precepts are:
Do not anger
Do not worry
Do your work with gratitude
Be kind to others.

The Reiki Blog

Here in my adopted home state of Pennsylvania, we’ve just been hit with another bout of heavy snow and arctic cold that will actually top the polar vortex conditions we endured a couple of weeks ago. I hope none of you are enduring this, but even if you’re just going through a standard winter, I want to remind you that it’s more important than ever to do hands-on healing, on yourself, your family, pets, plants, and extended circle.

In winter, the relentless cold, the low light, the early dark at night and late light in the morning can combine to take a real toll on our spirits and our health. The effects build gradually, and since we’re so distracted and frantically busy, between the holidays, the resulting crush of work as we try to make up for lost time, the start of a new school semester, etc., it’s easy to…

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