Awakening Sacred Space

A Peaceful Way


Sacred space is all around you…within you…you are that space…

As we move more deeply into our consciousness through meditation, through prayer and through daily mindfulness, we awaken to the realization that we are in a sacred place in each moment.  What are you creating in  your ‘space’? There is no separation from our outer space and our inner space.

Becoming aware – that each thought and feeling creates energy within our space and each action creates energy in our physical space – is very empowering.  Decide what you are putting in your space today.  Whatever it is will result in a day full of stress or a day full of love and peace.  Fill your space with all the loving feelings you would like to receive and then the magic begins as these feelings are returned to you in so many ways.

Enjoy the mystic wonders of your sacred space!



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