Chief Dan George

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Chief Dan George was a real Native American Chief, chief of the Tsleil-Waututh from 1951 to 1963.You have probably seen him in movies with Clint Eastwood and others, an Academy Award-nominated actor. I thought he was funny, a great sense of humor. He was also an author, poet, humanitarian and more. He walked this earth from 1899-1988.

Here is a 6 minute clip from Little Big Man with Dustin Hoffman. Chief Dan George says, “it’s a good day to die. Am I still in this world? Sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn’t.” 🙂

Uploaded on May 20, 2008 by narezdog

A clip for The Outlaw Josie Wales with Clint Eastwood. Chief Dan George is very profound, adding his humor, makes him so loveable. Chief Dan George…”When I became civilized I forgot all these things.”

Uploaded on Feb 6, 2011 by TheSonOfLibertys1776


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