Animal Spirits: The Sea Gull

Seagull, you fly across the horizon
Into the misty mornin’ sun
Nobody asks you where you are going
Nobody knows where you’re from
-Bad Company

Through the Peacock's Eyes

images-4 Sea Gull

I admire animals’ ability and ease in picking up on very subtle energies and vibrations, not just the energies and vibrations of humans and other animals, but those of all of Nature and the spirit realm. One of my Alaskan Malamutes recently surprised me when she suddenly got up from a nap to specifically look out the window at something in the sky. As she looked, she was almost mesmerized, so I got up to see what magical thing it was that drew her away from her slumber. Far off in the distance I saw a single sea gull dancing soundlessly against the clear blue sky. It was almost as if it was performing for us. We watched for a few minutes before the sea gull took a bow and left to head back across the peaks towards the ocean.

Birds in general are messengers of Spirit and…

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2 comments on “Animal Spirits: The Sea Gull

  1. My feather collections came from the sky, one at a time (mostly red-tail hawk)- except when 2 came at once–and then I decided to join my life with my honey. Birds of a feather, flock together 🙂

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