The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Guide During the Return of Wisdom, March 1-2, 2014

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

New Moon Phase (Saturday 2:59 am EST/ 7:59 am UTC): begin, initiate, wish, intend

Moon in Pisces

(The Diamond Sky Dakini Nairatmaya is on duty this month, not a Mahavidya)

The Sabian symbol for the month of the New Moon in Pisces is “men traveling a narrow path seeking illumination.”  It is quintessential Piscean energy for the Balsamic time of year.  This means that all month is energetically like a long Balsamic Moon phase.

Balsamic Moon phases are the time when we dream.  It is the ultimate energy for inspiration and creativity.  Beautiful things come from Balsamic months.  The veils between the worlds are thinner all month long and we reach heightened states of awareness and intuition.  We are “tuned in.”

Piscean energy definitely prefers the inner over the outer.  This month will bring dualities between the two in many ways, but particularly the notions of inner worth and outer worth.  Piscean…

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