Animal Spirits: The Bear

When animals and spirit guides come to us in dreams, it can be difficult to understand their message. Seeking the assistance of a Shaman, Psychic, or other intuitive or spiritual healer can help, but you can also do a focused meditation on the animal, try to return to the dream, or just go with the initial impression or feeling you had when you first woke up from the dream.

Through the Peacock's Eyes

The bear, a powerful creature we fear coming                                                                     across on a peaceful hike but also a symbolimages4 of cuteness and security, the Teddy Bear. Bears exhibit some contrasting behaviors: blissfully munching on berries or lounging peacefully in the sun while listening to the song of a flowing river versus being frightfully defensive or angrily attacking anyone that comes near its space or young. This ferocity of the bear made them a symbol of bravery and warriors from Native American cultures to the Celts. Even Viking Berserkers were named after the bearskins they wore to enhance their viciousness in battle.

The bear is also a strong symbol of protectiveness and motherhood. This motherhood-ness and its ability to…

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