The Shamanism Global Summit–Free Online Event

Do you yearn to experience a more sacred way of living? One where you’re living in alignment with Mother Earth, are more fully present with loved ones and see Spirit in all things?

I’m delighted to tell you about The Shift Network’s free, online Shamanism Global Summit, taking place August 4-6, 2015 hosted by Michael Stone. This incredible series features many different shamanic traditions from around the planet and provide you with a wonderful opportunity to experience ancient practices you can apply to your daily challenges in your modern life. Michael Stone prepared a very special bonus e-book for participants called Living a Shamanic Way of Life: A Path of Direct Revelation. Reserve your spot–

Join us at The Shamanism Global Summit

This summit is appropriate for people of any faith or spiritual path, as when understood fully, shamanism’s methodology of accessing spiritual dimensions for healing, illumination and service can be compatible with any belief system.

Join us at The Shamanism Global Summit

The shamanic wisdom presented can support you in clarifying your vision, releasing your past traumas and creating sacred communities of trust. The sessions can help you dispel negativity, interpret dreams and even communicate with the deceased.

Join us at The Shamanism Global Summit

Shamanism can bring you home to your highest self — and assist humanity with transcending our self-defeating patterns and fostering a soul-powered way of living on Mother Earth that truly benefits all.

Join us at The Shamanism Global Summit

After centuries of misunderstanding, shamanism is taking its rightful place as one of the great spiritual systems for awakening, healing and transforming our lives.

Join us at The Shamanism Global Summit

Shamanism is not only the most ancient spiritual practice we have — one that has served individuals and communities globally for tens of thousands of years — it is also one of the most diverse.

These spiritual speakers in The Shamanism Global Summit will unveil the practices of a shamanic way of being that is creative and intuitive, connected and life-affirming. You’ll discover skills that relieve suffering and help foster more joy, radiant health and fulfilling relationships — and you’ll:

  • Receive practical tools for healing negative feelings and toxic thoughts.
  • Reclaim your role as a co-creator with the Earth, the elements and the spirit world — and accelerate the conscious evolution of the planet.
  • Access subtle realms of consciousness (the upper and lower worlds) with guidance from allies there.
  • Discover the basics of shamanic journeying and healing work (as well as key things NOT to do).
  • Awaken a deeper sense of presence and reverence for the natural world — including plants, animals and Gaia (Mother Earth).



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