Once in a Blue Moon

The saying, Once in a blue moon, means the event is rare, because a Blue Moon only happens every 2.5 years on average according to the Farmer’s Almanac. A Blue Moon is the second Full Moon in the same month. Our next Blue Moon is July 31, 2015. The first Full Moon was July 1st. The Algonquin Indians often referred to this second moon as the “Full Red Moon”.

Source: http://xeon24.com

The moon will not actually be blue. Although there is a blue moon that actually looks blue, caused by a rare type of dust in the atmosphere.

When I woke this morning it came to me to write about the Blue Moon. Easy enough, right. Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of making things more difficult than they should be. I went into my research mode and it became very complicated with belief systems, religion, other points of view and what the Blue Moon actually means.

Why is it Called the Blue Moon?

The inside scoop is that calling any month’s second full Moon a blue Moon only started in the 1940s as a result of a mistake in an astronomy magazine. But it slowly went viral until nowadays the second full moon in the same calendar month is widely called a blue moon. -Bob Berman.  Old Farmer’s Almanac full article…http://www.almanac.com/blog/astronomy-blog/anti-blue-moon.

Spiritual Effect

Full Moon is for releasing negative energy, bad karma, bad relationships, weight loss, money problems, bad job, addictions, anything or any situation that no longer serves you. So the energy of the second full moon is stronger, more intense. You can check out moon rituals here if you would like to connect with moon energy. http://reikirays.com/15103/moon-rituals-with-reiki/.

The Full moon effects our emotions, moods, ailments, illnesses, and thoughts and has magical energies. It heightens your emotions, if you are sad, you will be sadder, if you are happy, it can bring you bliss. Many call the moon Grandmother Moon, as I often do.

The Full Moon rains down so much energy making it a perfect time for meditating, doing Energy Healing, creating, releasing, developing intuition or praying. No matter what you are doing, whether praying or practicing Reiki, it is about intention. Rituals and ceremonies are about intention. You can even make your own or simply stand outside and bask in the full moon light, saying you want to connect with Grandmother Moon energy and say whatever else you want in your life.

This is a great time to charge (clear) crystals as well, placed in moonlight. Intention: release all negative energy, program (fill) with love, clarity, peace, healing, whatever you want.

I found a good read that resonated with me…http://livingshamanically.com/aquarius-full-blue-moon-friday-31st-july/#. Excerpt: Each one of us is playing an important, essential part of this unfolding planetary story and the planets are urging us to be more aligned with who we are, to realise that in order to change the world we can only change ourselves. When we change our inner worlds, we take right action in the outer world which has a direct impact.

Cool 2-minute full moon video @ space.com…2-minute universe…http://www.space.com/16841-full-moon-why-does-it-happen-how-does-it-affect-us-video.html












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