Shamanic Journeying…Shamanism Global Summit–Free Online Event Aug 4-6

Sandra Ingerman is speaking now at The Shamanism Global Summit–Free Online Event Aug 4-6. Sandra says it is important to work in the invisible realm. Start to work with aligning our thoughts and words that manifests our world. Learning practices, like doing exercises, watch observe and be conscious of words throughout the day. Focus on using our imagination…dream of the world you want, not the world you don’t want. Connect with nature–greatest healer. Take several deep breaths to go within. Live in the now moment. It doesn’t matter if you live in city, touch a tree. Connect your heart beat with the beat of Mother Earth, will bring healing in your life.

You have 48 hours to listen to Sandra Ingerman’s replay free or you can purchase to listen any time–

I practiced Shamanic Journeying several times and saw a bear as my animal guide. My intention was to see my animal guides. I have been drawn to bear medicine for some time, which teaches you to go within. I will write more about animal medicine, totems at another time. As I have said many times, INTENTION is the root of any practice. Do not get too caught up in the exact practice, am I doing this or that correctly. It is about going within and being led by Spirit. Listen to your inner voice, this is your greatest teacher! I recently found out I have a Spirit Guide called White Feather, I will write about more later.

The wolf is my animal power, my animal traits and characteristics. Different animals come into your life to guide you or give you messages. If you listen, connect to nature (heart to heart), you can receive these messages.

There is no wrong way to practice Shamanism. You do not have to be a Shaman…Healer…Holy Man or Woman to practice shamanistic practices. Go where your heart takes you. My Spirit guided me to this path. I started practicing Reiki (Ray-kee), working with rescue animals, practicing animal communication…learning Native American practices…to learning the language of nature…which is the NOW. I discovered what I was being called to learn is called Shamanism.

This is what I use to journey as I do not have a drum. There are guided shamanic journeys, pay attention to the source. I choose not to be guided as I want to be guided from within.


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