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I adopted Sydney in December 2013 after I fostered her for a year from It’s the Pits Dog Rescue in San Diego. She was adopted out once as a pup and brought back to It’s the Pits at 10 months old, this is when I began fostering her. She was adopted out once while in my care and the lady brought her back within 24 hours. Not nearly enough time for her to adjust. Her loss, my gain. Sydney has a funny personality, but scares most people with her loud barking. I just tell them she is my guard dog :). We have been through many ups and downs. We drove (my daughter and I) from Southern California to Kentucky in 2 and a half days in June 2014. She did really well, but was not wanting to get back in the van near the end of the trip. I can’t blame her. We also traveled with 2 cats and Heidi, our Shih Tzu. The photo is Sydney in her new yard in Kentucky.


7 comments on “Sydney

  1. Our Ray (German Shepherd/Rotti X and ex-rescue) had the same issue. He would lunge and bark at anybody he did not know. We were advised that it was fear aggression and our solution (via a Behaviour Adjustment Program) was to get him to see people as things that make good things happen (treats). Where we needed the program was to identify his body language so that we knew in advance what was likely to happen. Obviously offering treats after the fact would be counter productive. I am surprised at how many people have no idea that a barking dog is trying to tell them something. They just need to identify what it is and then it can usually be dealt with.

    • thank you very much for your comment. certainly something for me to look into! i know “something” was done to her. sadly the people who adopted her as a pup brought her back at 10 months old as i said in the post. they said because she would go potty in the house. she never went potty or poop in my house. she was also very fearful of her collar and leash. she would never go potty while on the leash, she had to be off leash. when i tried to walk her she would hold part of the leash nearest her in her mouth like she wanted control of it. i don’t know what they did to her. she still looks at me funny to this day when i take her collar off, but doesn’t do anything. and i had to put her on a tie in KY, i don’t have a fenced yard. she does fine on the tie and goes potty outside to this day. she is very hyper and gets over excited when i come home and she is that way to people she knows and still jumps on me and them. if someone pulls into the driveway, you would think she is going to tear them apart. if i pet her she is fine and quiet. thanks so much for your comment!

  2. Hi Paula: Ray is also still very vocal when somebody comes onto our property but we are pretty certain that is just a territorial thing. We will be working on that very soon. If it gives you any perspective, we have been working with Ray for around 2-1/2 years and while he has firmly embedded himself in our hearts, he is still a work in progress. Patience is the key!

    • yeah, i have had her for 3 years now. i love her too death. i wanted her when no one else did. i lost my golden in sept 2013, so i adopted sydney. i couldn’t bare loosing two dogs i love. i do live alone, so on one hand i am glad she warns me of people coming and NO ONE will ever break into my home!

      • That of course is a valid trade-off. Do you want Sydney to love everybody who visits, or do you want a guard dog. With the best will in the world, I don’t think many (if any) dogs are able to distinguish between a friendly visitor and an intruder. Sydney looks lovely in your pic! 🙂

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