Ten Ways To Live A More Spiritual Life

I love this post noted spend time with nature as number 1. Feel the earth below your feet. Watch a sunrise or sunset. Watch the wind blow the leaves around. When I went to the beach to take my dog, I never wore shoes to feel the sand and water on my feet. A very important part of a more spiritual life is to love yourself, no matter what. I know sometimes not so easy to do. We are our own worst enemy of negativity. Be thankful everyday for what you have, no matter how much or how little. Forgive those who have done you wrong. Again not so easy sometimes, depending on the depth of hurt. Be kind to all, people, animals, plants and Mother Earth. Just a smile can change a persons day. Change the negative chatter in your head to positive. This is where affirmations play a big role. I love myself. I am happy. I am one with the universe. We are all connected. All is well!

The Metaphysical Muse

The spiritual journey of life is different for all.  Finding the sacred in the day-to-day will help you to stay on the spiritual path, living the most fruitful and abundant, spiritually-rich life possible.  I like to keep a list of my favorite ways to live a spiritual life someplace where I will see them everyday.  You may like to do the same.  To get you started, here is a list of my ten favorite ways to live a more spiritual life and stay connected to spirit.  There are many ways to live a more spiritual life. You already are more spiritual by having the intention to do so.

#1: Spend time with nature

Whether you take a walk at the park, meditate under a tree, bird watch, plant a garden or invest in more indoor plants, nature attunes the soul to the truth within.  Enjoy the scents and sounds…

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