11 Days of Global Unity Summit…Free Online Event

Summer of Peace

The Summer of Peace has reached the higher octaves of consciousness, with the conclusion of The Subtle Activism Summit, yesterday — following sessions on the science behind prayer and meditation, shamanic practices with 30-year teaching veteran Sandra Ingerman, and other powerful topics.

And not wasting a moment of peacebuilding, TODAY (Friday) begins the 11 Days of Global Unity Summit! September 11-21st. Join us at 9:00am Pacific for Deepak Chopra’s illuminating keynote about the power of group meditation and shifting the collective consciousness!

Then, tomorrow, Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim of the 13 Indigenous Grandmother’s Council and Carole Hart of The Laughing Willow Company will converse about humanity’s interdependence with Mother Earth — and how actions that promote unity contribute to Her protection and care.

Click here to see session descriptions and speaker bios.

Additionally, as part of The Shift Network’s commitment to peace, we have also created the first virtual World Peace Library. The 2015 Summer of Peace programs will eventually become part of this FREE global resource, so please check back here after this year’s event to access this invaluable resource.

Join us in celebrating peace – from the inner to international levels!

Philip Hellmich,
Director of Peace, The Shift Network


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