The Healer

“To become completely healed is to become the healer – bringing the beauty and meaning you found into the world.”Alberto Villoldo

I have asked Spirit, my higher self, more than once; what my purpose is. The answer is always one word…healer. Healing others is the easy part, healing yourself is a life-long evolving journey.


The Power of Crystals

Crystals are used for healing and some say information storage as in “The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls”. Crystals are used today to store information in our computers.

Chakra Toaster

The Power of Crystals

This picture is not a Photoshop. These giant crystals are deep within the Earth in Mexico. Some call it “The Cave of Giant Crystals”. You can read more about it here: . I am posting this picture as a reminder that crystals are truly a miracle of beauty created by the Earth (or God, however you see it). They have truly amazing healing power. If you click on the picture of the Cave of Crystals, you will be taken to an article about HOW to use crystals and other stones to balance your Chakra System. Enjoy!

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