me-and-lexi1The Art of Life is about metaphysical science, the nature of reality, which covers a lot! Love, angels, yoga, Reiki, law of attraction, life force energy, intuition, your higher self, the Great Spirit or Creator, and much more. Life force energy is flowing through us, around us and in everything. It has many names, Reiki, Chi, Prana, Breath, to name a few. I share love, inspiration, energy medicine, healthful info, and hopefully a smile :). Love is the answer to every problem. Forgiveness is the doorway to love. You get back what you give. Your thoughts create tomorrow. There are many paths to healing yourself and tuning into your higher self, we are all individuals, one spirit.

My Journey

Reiki written in Shinjitai Japanese.

Reiki written in Shinjitai Japanese.

I started practicing Reiki (RAY-key), in July 2010, Japanese system of healing and relieving stress using life force energy and am now a Reiki practitioner. Studying and practicing Reiki led me on a path to discover my higher self. This is a never ending journey. I spent a lot of time , pre-Reiki, with Christianity going to different churches. I finally came to realize that God is inside of us, it (he) is not an entity in the sky separate from us, but pure love that you are one with. And that love is inside each and every one of us! And that love is energy!

Since practicing Reiki, I have tried Kundalini yoga. A variety of types of meditation. I practice Reiki daily and my latest animal Reiki was with horses, I usually practice on dogs and cats. I have learned about Akashic records, past lives, reincarnation, animal communication, angels, animal guides, smudging, crystal healing, law of attraction, chakras, auras and a host of other topics.

I have been led (by Spirit) to communicate with nature and understand its language; animals, plants, trees, rivers, wind, etc; all our relations that walk, crawl, swim, and fly.

I continue my Reiki practice daily and am constantly learning about holistic health (human and animal), alternative healing modalities and everything metaphysical! Every day is a growing and learning experience! I am thankful for each new day!

Touch of Home Blog~for the love, health, and well-being of all animals, mind, body, and spirit.

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  1. Your blog has the ‘woo-woo’ sound of new age (that’s not bad). Your search for a church that resulted in a your realization that God is within all of us is the fundamental belief of Quakers. I am a Quaker-come-late, when I realized I had been a Quaker for a long time and just didn’t know it. If you are interested in learning more, try the book, The Quaker Way by Rex Ambler.

    See my blog Traveling LIght at http://rhondawiley-jones.

    • My blog is not new age. Actually most of the beliefs I hold today are thousands of years old, such as meditating, we are all one spirit, and holistic health. Thank you for your comment.

    • Hi Rhonda, I read your ABOUT page and did not see anything about being a quaker. My daughter has a shih tzu, too, that is cat and not dog. She loves cats more than dogs and loves to play with them. We have 3 cats and has nurtured them like a mother.

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