How Reiki Works

A Reiki practitioner places hands on (or over) a client’s body in a variety of hand positions to direct Reiki energy into the client’s Chakras, or an area of the body that needs the energy. The client may feel anything from a pleasant tingling sensation, to a variation of heat, warm or hot, even coolness may occur. Relaxation follows.

Reiki energy helps replenish the energy that has been depleted from the body. It is like when you are really thirsty or extremely hungry, your body needs food to replenish its cells. Reiki energy feeds the cells of your body but also realigns and helps balance those cells. It is also like recharging your cell phone. The difference is that you are instrument and become guided where it is most needed.

The Reiki Practitioner does not dot the actual healing. She or he simply facilitates the energy flow that helps an individual’s immune system to accelerate the process of the clients own healing. The healing accomplished in any session is up to the client and the Divine. Your are just the channel to the flow of energy.

People receiving Reiki treatments may experience:

  • Accelerated healing and a sense of general wellness.
  • Deep relaxation and clarity of thought.
  • Increased creativity.
  • A quieting of the mind.
  • A feeling of peace.

Reiki works for children, animals and plants. Again, it is a universal energy (life force energy) that we all have and it works everywhere. There are no boundaries in Reiki energy. I believe that we are all connected and that energy connects us, it is the thread that binds us all.

Other Uses for Reiki

Reiki energy may also be used to cleanse and clear crystals, to enhance the effectiveness of medications, to enhance the nutrition of foods and beverages, and for much, much more. Your inspiration and imagination are limitless!!!