Mikao Usui

The origin of Reiki is still a mystery. Some believe it is very old and may have come from an ancient civilization. Reiki is life force energy. Usui Reiki is the most widely known and the kind I practice; founded by Mikao Usui in the 1920’s. There are many different types of Reiki. More Reiki variations have stemmed off from Usui Reiki. I was taught Usui Reiki and Western Takata. Reiki is not a religion.

What is Reiki

Reiki is energy from a Divine Source. Some may call it God, Great Spirit, Creator or your higher power, some may think of it simply as the universe. [Life force] Energy surrounds all of us and flows through us. We all use it, and most are unaware of it. It is our aura, senses, feelings, everything is energy, even the non-living.

Reiki is written with two Japanese kanji (Chinese characters). Rei means spiritual or universal. Ki means energy. Reiki means spiritual energy. The top character is Rei, the bottom character is Ki. Reiki energy flows through you from a Divine Source into someone or something (plant or animal) that needs healing or calming. It hums to the energy frequency in the cells of our bodies, our souls and helps put it back in balance. Your hands are used to transfer this energy. Your breath and eyes can also be used as you practice with Reiki.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use regardless of education or religious beliefs. It works in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques or practices and helps promote healing and recovery. It cannot harm people or animals and can only be used for positive results. The benefits of Reiki are physical, spiritual, mental and emotional healing.

There are three levels of Usui Reiki. Beginners Level 1 (Shoden), Practioner Level II (Okuden) and Reiki Master Practioner Level III (Shinpiden). Reiki Master Teacher (Shihan) is the highest level. Each level is taught by a Reiki Master Teacher and you are given attunements (reijus) at each level. The attunements are akin to the Reiki Master tuning an instrument (you) to the energy.

There are five basic elements to the system of Reiki.

  • Reiki Precepts (Gokai)
  • Reiki Meditations and Techniques (includes Kokyû Hô)
  • Hands-on Healing (Tenohira)
  • Reiki Symbols and Mantras (Shirushi and Jumon)
  • Reiju and Attunements

The foundation of Reiki is spiritual development (to become a pure vessel for the energy) which will lead you on a fantastic journey. Two great sites on Reiki are James Deacon’s Reiki Pages– and The International Center for Reiki Training by William Lee Rand.

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