Reiji means “indication of the Reiki power”, Ho means “methods”.
  1. Gassho position-raise your folded hands to your heart. (as in prayer) Ask the power of Reiki to flow through you. You may ask three times. Within a few seconds you should notice how the energy flows, and it may start at different parts of your body. Take some time to feel the energy.
  2. Pray for the health and well-being of the person, animal, or plant on all levels. (for self-treatment, too)
  3. When ready to use Reiki, bring your folded hands up to your third eye and ask the Reiki power to guide your hands to where Reiki is needed. Spend a moment or two there, then with a thank you release your hands and begin Reiki.

-The teachings of Mikao Usui.

If you were a student of Usui Sensei it would have taken you a long time to reach Shoden, beginners level. He wanted his students to observe and receive Reiki on a daily basis, so they can understand the true path of Reiki. It was not just a learning experience, but a way of life!


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