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Science and Spirituality Meet

For the Love and Well Being of All Animals

Loving, professional, and affordable pet care provided by me and my daughter. We pet sit and care for your furry family member as if they were one of our own! Your loved one gets one on one attention in a cage-free and loving home. Pets are free to go where they are most comfortable. Our #1 priority is a happy healthy pet. We use only positive reinforcement. I belong to San Diego Positive Pet Professionals and San Diego Golden Retriever Meetup Groups. Touch of Home Pet Sitting website.

Lexis & Heidi

Our love of animals inspired us to care for pets. Lexis is our Golden Retriever we took in, she belongs to The San Diego Golden Retriever Meetup Group and Heidi is our rescued Shih Tzu. It is important for dogs to have a proper diet, walks, exercise, play time and of course love; it keeps pets healthy and happy. Keeping your dog in the backyard does not count as exercise and play! Just walking your dog is a bonding experience.

We are animal welfare activists and cannot tolerate animals being mistreated or neglected and we volunteer for a dog rescue.  Another passion of mine is spreading awareness about pit bulls and ending their bad rap. Pit Bulls are used as service dogs, therapy dogs and even detection dogs for the Milwaukee PD. They use to be America’s sweetheart, remember Petey on Little Rascals? I have owned several and they make great family pets! Much depends on the way a dog is raised and some depends on genetics. Actually, pit bull is not a breed , but dogs that are lumped together with the same characteristics and traits.  Responsible owners strongly suggested for pit bull dogs! They are powerful dogs, eager to please owner, and can be dog aggressive, most are not. Play FIND THE PIT BULL for fun.

I am a Reiki (ray-key) practitioner, Japanese system of healing and relieving stress for people and animals using life force energy. Animals are very receptive to Reiki energy. Everyone can channel this energy. Reiki energy or life force energy does not come from me but through me from the Divine Source. Reiki is not a religion, goes where it is needed most in the pet or person and used for physical and emotional healing. It cannot harm pets or people and is non-intrusive, using hands on or near pets or people. There is also distant Reiki that can be sent to anyone anywhere.

My blog is about general & holistic pet care, touch healing, animal rescues and shelters, health, wellness, nutrition, pet products, and the truth about pit bulls.

Animal Reiki by Kathleen Prasad


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