Gendai Reiki System

Mikao Usui 臼井甕男 (1865–1926)

Mikao Usui 臼井甕男 (1865–1926) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, let me say, you should practice Reiki in the way you are drawn to (be aware of what Usui Reiki truly is) and what feels comfortable to you. I asked for divine guidance when I started searching for a Reiki Master Teacher-and still ask for guidance about all matters. At the beginning of my journey, I read a book that was given to me, “Reiki for Beginners” by David Vennells. I am drawn to traditional Reiki and was ‘led’ to the book, “Modern Reiki Method for Healing” by Hiroshi Doi, founder of Gendai Reiki System.

I have practiced Reiki since 2010 and has led me on a self-discovery and learning journey. Daily self Reiki practice is very important. I was taught in (original) Usui Reiki and Western Takata Reiki. In practicing Reiki the goal is to get a pure flow of energy through me from the Divine Source. In order to do this, one must clear your own energy blocks and raise your universal vibration. Practicing Reiki is very simple and easy, the hard part is clearing your own energy blocks, past karma baggage and negative energy.

I continually practice, read, go to Reiki shares and student Reiki. I have a great rare teacher that works with you long after the attunements. There are many types of Reiki today and Reiki is compatible with other healing modalities and other types of therapies, i.e. chakra cleansing, crystal therapy, angel therapy, traditional western medicine. The bottom line of Reiki and many other healing modalities is intent.

Gendai Reikho was developed by Hiroshi Doi Sensei, (Sensei means teacher) a Japanese Reiki master living and teaching in Ashiya nr Osaka, Japan. Hiroshi Doi Sensei , is the president of the world wide Gendai Reiki Healing Association, and a member of the Usui Ryoho Gakkai, the original association formed by Usui Sensei, founder of Reiki.

Gendai Reiki blends western Reiki with what Doi claims to be the teachings and methods used by the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai – as well as concepts and practices from other therapeutic modalitiess. (Many say Reiki has been around a long long time, Mikao Usui re-discovered it. Reiki is life force energy, so it makes sense it has been here since the beginning of time).

While some sources maintain that the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (Usui Reiki Healing Method Learning Society) was founded by Usui-Sensei himself in 1922, it is generally accepted that the Gakkai was actually founded by Rear Admiral Juusaburo Gyuda (Ushida) and other students around 1926/7. Gendai Reiki is a blend of Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai and Western Reiki.

Hatsurei-ho is also in Amy Rowland’s book, “Intuitive Reiki”.


Source: Modern Reiki Method for Healing by Hiroshi Doi

Gendai Reiki System of Ability and Development

The Gendai Reiki System, from their viewpoint.

The final goal of the Reiki system is to reach the state of “Satori” (enlightenment). However, the Gendai Reiki approach to Satori is to gain a state of maximum relaxation. That is to merge with vibrations of the universal rhythm. Developing and raising the spiritual awareness are the highest achievements of Gendai Reiki teaching. Also  gaining a healthy mind and body through Reiki, and cleansing the past karma which has negative vibrations. Another aim is to create a bright future.

To achieve the above-mentioned goals, the most important factor is to live moment to moment with a right mind and attitude guided by Reiki. Trying to live in this way is using Reiki to its fullest. The three most important techniques for cleansing the mind and raising the vibrational level are Hado Kokyu-ho, Hado Meiso-ho and Hatsurei-ho. (Ho means method. Kokyu-ho means ‘breathing exercise).

Everything has its own vibration. Summary

  • The universe is made of vibrations and every existence has the same characteristics with different frequencies.
  • Wave vibrations are also energy.
  • Our consciousness is also vibrations and energy.
  • Our consciousness can influence other existences (because every existence is made of vibrations).

These basic theories are the root of Gendai Reiki-ho. To receive guidance and teaching from the highest superior existence (the super consciousness, which is the root of universal energy), by raising your wavelength, is the aim of Gendai Reiki-ho. (The term Reiki-ho–Reiki method–is used in this book, instead of just Reiki).

Hado (Waves) Breathing Technique

1. Sit or stand, be comfortable.

2. (Sitting position). Remove shoes and place feet flat on the floor to ground yourself. Sit with legs slightly apart. Palms facing upward on lap. Be calm and relaxed.

3. Close, or half close eyes. Release tension from forehead, eyes, neck and shoulders. Breathe out from mouth with “Haa” sound.

4. Concentrate only on “Haa” sound as you breath out. Release tension from your abdomen.

5. In the beginning, open mouth widely and try to vibrate the “Haa” sound throughout the mouth. Next, cover one ear with hand and cover mouth with other hand. Then listen to the “Haa” sound.

6. Hado breathing method has benefits.

  • functioning of internal organs will improve.
  • circulation improves.
  • metabolic rate improves.
  • Autonomic nervous system, Endocrine and Immune system improve.
  • raises energy level.
  • brings deep relaxation and calm mind.
  • improves chakra functions.

The Hado breathing method is one of the foundation techniques for developing and increasing the ability to raise your vibrations and to cleanse yourself.


James Deacons Reiki Pages-GENDAI REIKI HO

The Reiki Threshold-Excerpts from Modern Reiki Method for Healing by Richard Rivard, wrote a forward in book.

Reiki Web Store-interview with Hiroshi Doi.

The Reiki Threshold- Reiki history

Excerpt from interview:

William: Would you please give a description for each of these Japanese Reiki techniques:

Doi Sensei:
Byosen: This is negative energy that occurs at the area of the cause of a disorder or disease.
Kenyoku: Traditionally a body is cleansed with water before performing sacred rituals, and Kenyoku is a purification method to cleanse a body with Reiki energy in place of water.
Joshin-kokyu: This is a breathing method to purify the mind.
Gassho: This is done by placing the hands together in front of one’s breast to express gratitude or to say a prayer.
Seishin-to-itsu: This a meditation method used to calm the mind and let go of idle/stray thoughts.
Reiju: This is the original form of Japanese attunement.
Reiki-mawashi: Students stand in a circle holding hands and allow Reiki energy to flow around the circle.
Shuchu-Reiki: This is done in a group with hands in Gassho. The students focus their consciousness on one thing such as a person, an object, an event, a venue, etc., and the Reiki energy of all the practitioners is concentrated on the object. Shuchu-Reiki can be done when we pray for world peace or for health and happiness.

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