My Reiki Share~September 2012

Reiki Masters

Reiki Masters (Photo credit: Nomad Thru Life.)

I go to Reiki Shares once a month on a Sunday. They usually last 3 to 4 hours. For those of you unfamiliar with a Reiki Share, it is a gathering of Reiki practitioners and non-reiki folks to practice Reiki on one another for a healing treatment or session. (The non-reiki folks do not perform reiki, although I have been to reiki shares where they do). My teacher is the facilitator or host of these reiki shares and were performed at a native american’s house. (We were ‘smudged‘ with sage at these reiki shares).

To see what a reiki share looks like go to This is exactly what our reiki shares looks like. There is always someone at the feet to ground (negative energy release).

The reiki shares are interesting because there are practitioners of all levels, (1, 2, 3) usually at least two reiki masters. There are shaman and people who use other healing modalities in addition to reiki that come to share their knowledge and techniques. Every share is different because of the different types of people who participate. Since we only use one table, there are usually 5 practitioners practicing on one person. Sometimes crystals are involved, sometimes pendants. We send energy to people or situations, by gathering the energy between our hands and sending it up to the universe. Intention, as always, is the key or foundation.

September’s’ reiki share was a little different as the sessions were timed at 10 minutes for each person due to time constraints. In the past there has never been a timed session. It worked out good and everyone had their session and felt great afterwards. At this reiki share the ‘client’ shared his/her thoughts and/or feelings of the session at the end of each session. I enjoyed listening to all the different experiences. Some are described in colors, some feelings, some visualizations. It is all very interesting how everyone has a different experience!

We start with a gassho (prayer) hand position. Asking reiki to flow and I ask for Divine guidance and spirit guides in as I practice reiki. The system of reiki uses energy from the Divine Source and not your own energy, so you are not depleting yourself.

I’ve been going to reiki shares since October 2010, when I started I would be so tired and come home and nap. Now I feel energized after a reiki share!


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